Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Richard and Judy do John

Last week as earlier reported by Bad Wolf, John was treated to a ritual grilling from talk show hosts Richard and Judy on their program. During the interview John discusses his work on Life On Mars, his appearance as "The Master" on Doctor Who and his current stage show. John appears on the show with co-star Adrian Bower of "Teachers" fame.

During the interview John was asked about his future with both Life On Mars and Doctor Who. John quite firmly denied an appearance in the upcoming sequel series "Ashes To Ashes", but went on to add that his future in Doctor Who is not certain at present. At least that's not a no. Richard and Judy tell him they were suitably impressed by his performance and want him to play The Master again. Are you listening Russell? Even a rival network wants John as The Master.

Below you will find the interview in its entirety, I hope you all enjoy it. I did.

John Simm on "Richard and Judy".



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