Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Original or the Remix?

Hello everyone, welcome to my first entry on John Simm PR. You are probably wondering about the title of the post, aren't you? Well in the club scene when there are different versions of a track available, they are generally known as remixes or mixes. As you would have read a few posts ago Bad Wolf will be doing a write up on Human Traffic, one of John's earlier movies from 1999.

As the movie is about the club scene in Cardiff, instead of a being a "REDUX" or "Directors Cut" the producers decided on an original name for a new edit of the film. To keep in line with the topic of the movie, there is also Human Traffic Remixed available. This version differs greatly from the original, like most remixes. I will post a comparison video showing you the differences in the ways the versions were done. Obviously I will not post the entire movies (it would have been nice though), but instead will offer you the first 5 to 10 minutes. So you can see the differences.

The 2 covers for the alternate editions can be seen below. This movie was what got me into liking John as an actor, I suppose probably because I could relate to it on a personal level. In the mid '90s when the movie is set, I was a practicing DJ and night club promoter. Many characters in this movie remind me of people I knew back then, especially John's character "Jipp". The eager club regular is a mish mash of possibly every extreme punter, you could ever meet. It has an awesome '90s soundtrack (as to be expected), featuring artists such as CJ Bolland, Fat Boy Slim, Orbital, Underworld, Primal Scream and everybody's favorite DJ the one and only Carl Cox. Carl Cox also acts in this movie and plays the night club owner.

When Bad Wolf has given you his critique on the original, I will give you mine on the Remix. It only seems appropriate. This movie has connections to the world of Doctor Who as well, not only does it feature John (The Master). It also has Shaun Parkes playing the role of "Koop", Shaun played Captain Zachary Cross Flane in "The Satan Pit / The Impossible Planet" and Helen Griffin plays "Jipp's Mum". Helen's character, you would all remember as Mrs Moore in "The Age Of Steel / Rise of the Cybermen" who helped the Doctor with her electro-magnetic bomb.

Well that's my first post, if you are a devout John fan then you may also like to check out LifeOnMars.tv, my original blog. Have a good one, what ever it maybe.

The Original and the Remix


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