Friday, 13 July 2007

Human Traffic Review

Here it is as promised i have finally watched the movie Human Traffic staring non-other than John Simm. The story begins showing Jip (John Simm) working for a clothes shop which he is completely fed-up of doing. All Jip lives for is the week-ends where he goes out with his mates who are Jip, Koop, Nina (Koop's girlfriend), Lulu and Moff. When Jip and Koop talk on the phone they often say the words "Nice one Bruva !!!" After work the team go out to a club in Cardiff on Friday night with devious intentions. They plan to get completely wasted and they also take drugs along the way. However there plan is foiled as they lose a ticket for a club but thanks to some clever talk of Jip they all manage to get inside. Further on in the film we see the relationship between Jip and Lulu grow and we also find out Jipp has sexual paranoia. Further on Moff has a discussion with a fellow party goer about how Star Wars is a drug fantasy, and the fact that Yoda was always stoned and also Koop and Nina argue over her flirtatious behaviour. Finally Jip and Lulu finally get it together and have sex and Jip gets over his sexual paranoia. Jip concludes his narration throughout the play by ending with the words "'It's an insane world, but I'm proud to be part of it." This movie is certainly worth watching for any fan of John Simm as he shone throughout the movie but beware it is a 18 so you will be unable to watch it if you are under that age.

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Robert Cyberman said...

I said "Nice One Bruva!"