Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Here Comes The Final Post

Due to lack of time to continue blogging I'm afraid to say that John Simm PR is to be closed down and not be posted on anymore. John Simm PR was made by myself on the 17th June 2007because of my interest in the life of John Simm. I actually, like my other site Torchwood PR, ran this site by myself at first but was later joined by the brilliant Rob who runs various sites including Life On Mars.TV and Ashes To Ashes.TV. As for John Simm news i would thoroughly recommend checking out The John Simm Appreciation Society as well as Life On Mars.TV. As for me i will still be around and about as i will continue to make Music Videos which can all be found on my You Tube Channel Here as well as chatting to anyone who wishes to speak to me. Could i take the time just to thank each and every visitor and helper to this site. That's it for me now so Have Fun Bye Bye.

Friday, 5 October 2007

John Simm Figure

Some new Doctor Who Series 3 figures are soon to be released including a figure of John Simm as The Master. This figure shows John Simm in his suit from the episodes The Sound Of Drums and Last Of The Time Lords as well as having his Laser Screwdriver. This figure is soon available from Forbidden Planet priced at £6.25. This figure can be seen below.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Damned United / Vote Simm

Faber is soon to release its first standalone audio list featuring both front and back list titles. On the 20th September they are to release David Peace's The Damned United. Below is a brief description on this story.

In 1974 the brilliant and controversial Brian Clough accepted the Leeds United Manager's job: he was to last only 44 days. In one of the most acclaimed novels of this or any other year, David Peace takes us into the mind and thoughts of Ol' Big ..Ead himself, and brings vividly to life one of post-war Britain's most complex and fascinating characters.

This story is to be read by non other than John Simm. This is sure to be brilliantly ready by John Simm and it is available buy from for £15.99. In other news John Simm and his play Elling at The Trafalgar Studios have been nominated in the People's Choice Theatre Awards into the following categories.

  • Favourite theatre actor = John Simm - Elling
  • Favourite play = Elling
  • Favourite theatre = The Trafalgar Studios

To show your support you can Cast Your Vote by Clicking Here . Thanks to the John Simm Appreciation Society for this information.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Simm Order #2

Here we are with another video piece from 24 Hr Party People. Today we have the trailer for you all to enjoy, which while it doesn't feature much of our man John. It is still quite entertaining. The trailer mainly features Steve Coogan (a comedian) in character as Tony Wilson the founder of Factory Records, New Order's label.

This trailer may very well have been the inspiration for the American trailer of "The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy", when it was remade several years back. The trailer itself actually describes exactly what its doing (IE: Title Sequence here, company logo there, etc.), and is rather humorous. But then again it is being done by a comedian, so what else would you expect. The trailer can be viewed below, enjoy.

24HR Party People - Trailer #1

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Simm Order #1

Hello all, back again with some more video goodness for you to enjoy. Today we have an excerpt from "24 Hr Party People", featuring footage of John in character as Bernard Sumner from New Order. In this clip we find John jamming in an old warehouse, singing the New Order classic "Blue Monday".

As I have told you in previous posts, I used to be a DJ. This particular track remained one the largest selling dance tracks of the year in 1983. It was also the third record I ever purchased. When released originally the track did not offer a radio or 7" version, this did not occur until it was remixed in 1988. The records "B-side" was nearly as popular as its "A-side" and was known as "The Beach".

"The Beach" is actually part of the lyrics to Blue Monday, which is where it gets its name from. The Beach proved to be so popular, that it to was remixed in 1988 for the B-side. The remix is known as "Beach Buggy" and is just a non-vocal version of Blue Monday. Okay that was your history lesson for the day, now enjoy John singing it.

John as Bernard Sumner from New Order singing "Blue Monday"


Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Tuesday Pictures

Thanks to Phillip we now have some exciting images from the film Tuesday set to be released in 2008.This film will feature John Simm and Phillip Glenister as bank robbers.
Below is a brief report from the films Writer & Director, Sacha Bennett:

As you would expect, both John and Phil have been fantastic, and the other two jewel thieves in their crew are Ashley Walters and Cristian Solimeno, and the dynamic between all four actors is terrific to watch. Everyone is very excited about the film - we have the same crew as "Devilwood", so you can expect it to look beautiful. Rounding out the cast is Kate Magowan and Dylan Brown from Devilwood, along with Kevin Mcnally (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Linal Haft (MoulinRouge).

The new images can be seen below. All of these images below are © Pank Sethi 2007. So thanks to him for these pictures.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Weekend Has Landed (Part 3)

We finally make it to part 3. This post is not another video comparison, but contains a promo for the movie which is entitled "Human Traffic Pop Promo". Personally though, I think a better title for it would be "The Weekend Has Landed". In this promo or trailer whatever you would like to call it, we get to see a lot of the footage from the title sequence of both versions of the movie.

It does differ greatly from the movies, as it is presented in an un-edited format (ie: without special effects overlayed). It also follows the style of a music video, and if it was a single the artists name would more than likely have 'featuring John Simm' tacked onto the end of it. Sounds cliche, but is quite appropriate to the video. You'll understand when you've watched it. Any way, enjoy.

Human Traffic 'Pop Promo'