Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Tuesday Pictures

Thanks to Phillip we now have some exciting images from the film Tuesday set to be released in 2008.This film will feature John Simm and Phillip Glenister as bank robbers.
Below is a brief report from the films Writer & Director, Sacha Bennett:

As you would expect, both John and Phil have been fantastic, and the other two jewel thieves in their crew are Ashley Walters and Cristian Solimeno, and the dynamic between all four actors is terrific to watch. Everyone is very excited about the film - we have the same crew as "Devilwood", so you can expect it to look beautiful. Rounding out the cast is Kate Magowan and Dylan Brown from Devilwood, along with Kevin Mcnally (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Linal Haft (MoulinRouge).

The new images can be seen below. All of these images below are © Pank Sethi 2007. So thanks to him for these pictures.

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