Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Weekend Has Landed (Part 3)

We finally make it to part 3. This post is not another video comparison, but contains a promo for the movie which is entitled "Human Traffic Pop Promo". Personally though, I think a better title for it would be "The Weekend Has Landed". In this promo or trailer whatever you would like to call it, we get to see a lot of the footage from the title sequence of both versions of the movie.

It does differ greatly from the movies, as it is presented in an un-edited format (ie: without special effects overlayed). It also follows the style of a music video, and if it was a single the artists name would more than likely have 'featuring John Simm' tacked onto the end of it. Sounds cliche, but is quite appropriate to the video. You'll understand when you've watched it. Any way, enjoy.

Human Traffic 'Pop Promo'


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Carly said...

Great Videos!!!