Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Weekend Has Landed (Part 1)

Back once again Simm-sons and daughters, in my last post I was full of appologies about my promised post about Human Traffic versus Human Traffic Remixed. Thankfully during the course of this week, some of those problems I mentioned were rectified. It wasn't an easy task, especially seeing as I also got bombed with ad-ware courtesy of "System Doctor 2006".

Yes System Doctor 2006, you B@$+@>)$! For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, I am referring to a program similar to Norton System Mechanic 2007. This is a program designed to remove adware from your system, System Doctor however should be renamed 'System Natropath' as it infects your system first then requests you purchase the product to remove the infection. How thoughtful, yes? Yeah right, anyway you don't want hear about that, you want to hear about John. That's why you're here isn't it? OK, here we go then.

Firstly I need to point out the title of this post, "The Weekend Has Landed (Part 1)". It has been named as this because it is in 3 parts, each containing a video. This the first part contains my promised video comparison of the 2 films, they both start out differently and eventually fall back into sync. You will understand when you watch it. The synchronizing is not a natural occurrence with the 2 movies, they are not of equal duration at all but are very close. So I corrected this by adding all of 7 frames of black to the original.

The 'Original' starts out with the introduction of Johns character in the movie "JIPP", then John moves on to discussing his friends, KOOP, MOFF, LULU and NINA. After this the title kicks in, and the movie formally starts. In the 'Remixed' version, the film starts with MOFF having a speil about being off his pickle then jumps straight into the titles. After the titles both versions then sync, but not forever as there are many differences between the 2 movies.

The soundtrack differs on both of them, some scenes are extended or completely re-edited giving a totally new perspective on this ground breaking movie. Essentially though they both tell the same tale but in a slightly different way. In my last post I mentioned that there was about to be a third version of the movie thrown into the mix, will it be another re-edit? At this stage it is unknown, but lets keep our fingers crossed. It would be very interesting to see "Human Traffic 2007 (The Final Edit)", I like the sound of that and I am sure JIPP does too.

Below you can find the first version of the comparison, it contains the audio from the original movie. I hope you like it, once you have watched it check it out again in the (Part 2) post with the audio from the Remix. Enjoy.

Human Traffic VS Human Traffic Remixed (Visual Comparison)


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cool i love how youve done the comparisons there brill