Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Here Comes The Final Post

Due to lack of time to continue blogging I'm afraid to say that John Simm PR is to be closed down and not be posted on anymore. John Simm PR was made by myself on the 17th June 2007because of my interest in the life of John Simm. I actually, like my other site Torchwood PR, ran this site by myself at first but was later joined by the brilliant Rob who runs various sites including Life On Mars.TV and Ashes To Ashes.TV. As for John Simm news i would thoroughly recommend checking out The John Simm Appreciation Society as well as Life On Mars.TV. As for me i will still be around and about as i will continue to make Music Videos which can all be found on my You Tube Channel Here as well as chatting to anyone who wishes to speak to me. Could i take the time just to thank each and every visitor and helper to this site. That's it for me now so Have Fun Bye Bye.

Friday, 5 October 2007

John Simm Figure

Some new Doctor Who Series 3 figures are soon to be released including a figure of John Simm as The Master. This figure shows John Simm in his suit from the episodes The Sound Of Drums and Last Of The Time Lords as well as having his Laser Screwdriver. This figure is soon available from Forbidden Planet priced at £6.25. This figure can be seen below.