Saturday, 7 July 2007

Doctor Who Episode 13 Last Of The Timelords

Last Of The Timelords was The Last Episode Of John Simm's appearance in Doctor Who and it finished in the usual finale fashion. The story continues one year on from The Master starting to take control of earth where now Earth is fully conquered by our Lord and Master. Meanwhile stories travel that only Martha Jones can defeat the Master. Also in this jam-packed tale we learn the truth about the Toclafaine and why they will make the Doctors hearts break. The Toclafaine are in fact the humans that the Doctor helped rescue in the first part of this 3 part epic which the Master went back to the future to change them. As the story continues we eventually realise that Martha has not travelled the world to get the parts for a weapon to kill The Master she has in fact travelled to tell a story about one fantastic man named The Doctor which eventually contributes to The Masters terrible end. At the dying end we learn that Captain Jack Harkness was once called The Face Of Boe which leads suspicions that he is in fact The Face Of Boe we know and love and this would explain why Boe knows theres another Time Lord. This story also see's the end for now to the amazing Martha Jones who has travelled with The Doctor all the way through Series 3. Overall i would give this episode a 10/10.

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