Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Radio Times Cover

The latest issue of the Radio times magazine on sale today comes complete with its usual excitement and more. Because in this issue like the latest Doctor Who Magazine ( On Sale the 28th June) it comes with two different covers both related to the hit show Doctor Who. On the front of one of the covers is The Doctor played by non other than David Tennant.

On the second cover however guess which Doctor Who star is to be shown. Well you guessed it because it is of course the newly regenerated master John Simm himself. John or The Master is holding in his hand a laser screwdriver who'd have sonic?

As well as all this inside these magazines you can read about visits to the set of Doctor Who for the series finale in the company of Freema Agyeman. It also includes behind the scenes pictures and comments from Freema and hints from Russell T Davies on the plot. There is also a brilliant poster featuring The Doctor (David Tennant) and The Master (John Simm).

This magazine is on sale now for amazingly cheap price of a pound. So get out their and show your support.

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Aiden said...

We got the John Simm cover, didn't realise there was a David Tennant one, we get it sent to us now through the mail cause we've subscribed to it. But I'm loving John Simm as the Master, even though I'm wanting to hate him for what he's doing to the Doctor, I can't, John is just too loveable, so that's hindering my hating the Master too much :).